Melena Rounis

The numerous styles and genres of dance I have trained in give me an arsenal of diverse vocabulary to pull from

photo by wes klain


I used to go with my family to watch the musicals and concerts that came into town and though I always thoroughly enjoyed them I never just came for the show. I was always wondering and observing how they made visual moments and magic happen, from the transitions to the technical aspects, I was fascinated! Now having the opportunity to create for live theater, film, and television, the thrill I get from making something come to life from merely thoughts on paper is as rewarding to me as being the performer on stage receiving the applause.



Often times I get brought in to work with productions on the creative team, and though I may not be giving set choreography or a sequence of steps, my creative insight is drawn on to add to the visual of what is being presented. Some examples of this are staging drones, placing people in a visually pleasing spacing for the camera, suggesting wardrobe enhancements to heighten the impact of a performance or story line, and coaching an actor or non-dancers movement. You may be surprised at just how many times a creative like myself will be brought on to a project to add to what may seem obvious when in fact it just means we did a good job at our job!